The Hedge Fund Association Asia (AHFA) is an association with a not-for-profit mandate and is the Asia chapter of the Hedge Fund Association, founded in 1995. The Hedge Fund Association is a global organization that has professional members in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, European Union Countries, Hong Kong-Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Singapore and Australia. Currently the association has over 1500 fund managers, in which, over 700 members are based in Asia.

The Association members include hedge fund firms, fund managers, financial institutions, asset management firms, institutional investors, brokers, investment bankers, principal investors, and investment professionals. Membership is on an invitation-basis.

In addition to its objective of setting an acceptable industry standard of excellence and fostering the exchange of thoughts and ideas between members of the financial community, the AHFA is involved giving back to education. This year, the AHFA has donated to Peking University Law School. Peking University is China's preeminent university.

Each year, AHFA is giving scholarships to Masters Students and Ph.D. candidates of the Peking University Law School. The AHFA is also sponsoring research in finance and investment through Peking University International Economic Law Institute. Noteworthy reports, articles, handbooks, and other informative materials will be published under the Peking University Press label.